3 Ways to Ramp Up Your Construction Site Security

Being responsible for significantly funded construction site projects, you need to make sure that you are equipped with the necessary measures to ensure your assets are not stolen or lost. In fact, because of the nature of most construction sites (multiple personnel, various equipment and material needs, reduced/lack of perimeter, etc.), they are often amongst the most targeted for theft.

Here are 3 quick ways the security for your construction site can be made the least of your worries.

1. Hire Security Personnel (Expensive Option)

This option will give you a dedicated level of accountability within your staff. Someone whose sole job is to ensure your staff, equipment and materials are always safe when they are around. While having this additional staff boosts your site’s security, it may also boost your costs and adds numbers to your already high volume personnel requirements. Also, for smaller construction companies security personnel costs may take too significant of a chunk out of your profit margin.

2. Construction Site Security System (High Value Option)

With today’s advancement in wireless security technology, the temporary nature of construction sites is no longer a problem for a construction site security plan. Wireless door and window sensors, glass break detectors, motion detectors and even sirens are all available to be installed (and uninstalled) quickly on your construction site. These can even be tied into a security monitoring service that will contact the authorities if one of these wireless security accessories is triggered. 24/7 monitoring ensures your construction assets are protected night and day.

3. Construction Site Security Camera Systems (Ultimate Security Option)

The highest level of security you can implement on your construction site is installing a series of security cameras on your construction site. Constantly recording, every action on your construction site will be accessible live, on-site or online via web access. Anytime, anywhere you have internet access you’ll be able to tap into your construction site’s camera feed; real-time or recorded history.
There’s always a level of accountability within your staff, but having additional construction site security systems and video surveillance systems keeps your construction projects on time and on budget.