Determining The Best Security System for Your Home In Charleston (Pt. 2 of 3)

Last week we took a look at the location and visibility of your house relative to other structures and people.  This week we’ll be taking a look at probably the most important aspect when determining the best home security system for a house in Charleston: the physical structure and layout of your house.

Physical Structure and Layout

The first line of burglary defense of a home in Charleston is external lighting.  If a home has poor external lighting, you’ll be more susceptible as criminals tend to enter homes near low lighted areas so as to not be spotted by any on-lookers that may be in the area.

The size of your house and property are directly related to the amount of area that needs protection. The larger the areas of your house are, the more there is to cover, usually requiring additional glass break sensors and/or motion detectors in your home security system.

The characteristic that is, in all likelihood, most vital when choosing a security system is the number of entrances to your home.  These include doors, windows, root cellar/basement external entrances, dog/cat doors, etc.  Typically only the ground level entrances should be considered, however if there are trees or other physical structures (doghouses, storage sheds, garages, etc.) that could be used to reach second floor and above entrances it is important that these must be covered as well.  Remember, a highly motivated (or desperate) criminal will use anything/everything they can.

The final part of this series will focus more on human interaction with your house: who has access and when they have access.