3 Quick Holiday Home Security Tips From Charleston Security Systems

Hey Charleston, it’s that time of year again: the holiday season! Unfortunately, the holiday season also means a rise in crime rates, historically.

To ensure you have a happy and safe 2014 holiday season, we’ve gathered 3 quick, easy home security tips for you to consider this year.

1. Keep Holiday Vacation Details off of Social Media

Many families in Charleston and the Lowcountry plan vacations around this time of year to experience warmer weather or to hit the ski slopes in the mountains. If you’re planning a holiday getaway this year, be sure to keep specific details about your vacation off of your social media accounts.

Though social media account privacy has changed in recent years, it’s still hard to know where your posts/tweets/instagrams may end up and who will see them. Potentially, a burglar could use these posts to know that you’ll be away from your home for an extended period of time, making your home a good target for a break-in.

2. Keep Gifts Out Of Sight

Keeping your gifts under your Christmas tree is a fun way to build anticipation for the Christmas eve or Christmas morning opening, but it’s also a way for burglars to quickly see that your home represents a great target for a potential break-in.

Do your best to keep your tree and/or gifts away from windows or patio doors that can be seen from your street or backyard or try to keep your shades/curtains drawn shut that are close to your tree/gifts.

3. Test Your Alarm or Have One Installed

As always, keeping your alarm up to date, functioning properly or having one installed will help reduce the stress associated with being away from your home and having gifts in your house. Installing a home security system reduces the chances of your home being targeted, and reduces the chances of break-in in your neighborhood, too . If you’re already equipped with a home alarm system, be sure test it before going away for an extended period of time.

From the crew from Charleston Security Systems! We want wish you and your family a fun and safe holiday season!

Dean Rommes
Dean Rommes

Dean Rommes is the founder and owner of Charleston Security Systems. He has been working in the home and business security industry for over 18 years and specializes in video surveillance technology and cutting edge alarm monitoring services. Dean is a security fanatic and prides himself on giving his clients personalized service any time they need it.