Pop Quiz, Parents! 5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Child Safe This School Year

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time of year where parents say “it’s that time of year again”. It’s late September and most parents out there are just settling into their first month of the school year. This can often be a stressful time for you parents out there as your child’s schedule may involve them traveling to school or from school – often without your watchful eye on them. It also may involve them being at home alone while you’re at work.

To help alleviate these potentially stressful times, here are 5 simple school security steps you can take to ensure your precious ones are always safe.


What is the main line of communication with your child when you’re not around? What is your backup line of communication in case that is down or unavailable? Direct communication may be the best way to ensure your young ones are OK/safe. Make sure 2 way communication is always available and understood between you and your child; phone, chat, email, text message – whatever form(s) you choose and works best for your family. Keep phones charged and extra batteries available. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to communication. Even if everyone is safe, not being able to get through to your child will peak your stress levels.


If your child travels to and from school without you, do they go alone or with a group of friends? When they come home from school and are alone/ in the house, are your neighbors around to contact? You can’t always be around your children, so knowing who they are with and who you can contact around your home will help let you breathe a little easier when you’re not around.


How do you stay in sync with your child’s school schedule? Who do you contact at the school in case of an emergency? Is communication clear between you and your children’s school? School schedules can vary sometimes so make certain that you’re contacted in case of last-minute schedule changes. Extra-curricular activities (sports, clubs, etc.) can be especially hard to deal with so know who is in charge (coaches, teachers, etc.).


What kind of home security system do you have? Does your child have their own security code they can use to turn your alarm on/off when they get home? If so, did you know you can be notified every time they use it? With Charleston Security Systems home security monitoring systems, you can assign one code that only your child can use; when that code is entered you’ll be notified the moment it’s used. It’s a simple method that allows you to know that your child is home – and secure.


Taking our home security system event notification to the next level, after you get the notification that they’ve used the security code, you can log on to your home security camera system and instantly get a visual of your child there. Using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or any other device you have, you will have total online access to your security camera feed.
Seeing is believing – and with home security cameras from Charleston Security Systems, seeing is peace of mind.