Do You Make These 5 Home Security Mistakes?

We’re human. It’s a human trait to make mistakes. We all do it. The point of mistakes is to learn from them and become better, but sometimes the mistakes you’re making aren’t always obvious to you, especially when it comes to home security.

The difficult part of making mistakes with your home’s security is that you don’t really learn from them until after you’ve been robbed.

So, to make your life easier (and safer) we’ve identified the most common security mistakes made by homeowners.


The “Incognito” Key


You know you have one. Most people do. The “under-the-rock” or “under-the-doormat” hidden key is one of the most over used security practices across the nation. If you think you are being “sneaky” or even “James Bond-y”, think again. Even the most inexperienced thieves know about the hidden key concept.

If you have a super-secret-hiding-place-that-no-one-but-you-knows-about, great! Odds are though, with a subtle survey of the exterior of your house and perhaps even a quick observation of you when you get locked out a burglar will find it.

If you are worried about getting locked out, try installing a fingerprint door lock or a keypad door lock.


“I’ll Fix That Lock Tomorrow.”


Anytime you put off fixing a lock, you are leaving yourself vulnerable for intrusion. Don’t think of it as a chore. Think of it as an opportunity to add a strong, modern lock (especially if you have an old house) and increase the first layer of your home security.


The Unarmed Alarm System


If you want to watch T.V, what do you do? Turn it on, right?

If you want your home to be safe then be sure to turn your home alarm system on. Even if you are leaving for a few minutes, that is enough time for a burglar to enter your premises and clean you out.


The Green Monster


Although you may like the landscaping in your front and back yard, ultimately all this does is provide your potential burglar a hiding place from your neighbors view.

If you just can’t live without your hedges, then be sure to have your entrances well lit with outdoor lights so that any robbers are exposed well enough for others to see. Also we would advise installing a home security camera system in this case so that while your neighbors can’t see the criminals, your video surveillance will.


If It’s In The Garage, It’s Safe, Right?


Don’t think it’s safe for you to leave your car (and house) keys in your car if your car is in the garage. If the burglar is fast enough with his break-in, you could be providing them a fast getaway.

Remember, these are some of the most common mistakes in home security, not all of them. But if you keep these in mind the next time you are reviewing your home’s security, you won’t have to learn from these mistakes the hard way.

Dean Rommes
Dean Rommes

Dean Rommes is the founder and owner of Charleston Security Systems. He has been working in the home and business security industry for over 18 years and specializes in video surveillance technology and cutting edge alarm monitoring services. Dean is a security fanatic and prides himself on giving his clients personalized service any time they need it.