Apartment Security Systems: 3 Simple Tips To Keep Yourself Safe Inside Your Apartment

A sometimes overlooked aspect of renting an apartment in Charleston is security and personal protection. I’m not sure why this is considering that apartment buildings are just as susceptible (if not MORE) to burglaries as houses and businesses are. This is primarily because the nature of renting: new people in, old tenants out. Apartments and apartment buildings generally will have high renter turnover rate, especially in a college town like Charleston.

While some apartment buildings offer security guard services to help protect their residents, more often landlords and property managers don’t. Whether you’re renting a small or large apartment, keeping yourself and your belongings safe from burglary should — must, in fact — be a priority for you.

Here are 3 simple tips that can keep you safe in your apartment:

1. Install An Apartment Security System

While this may seem like an obvious solution, many people believe it’s not possible or not needed in their apartment. This is mainly because of the temporary nature and “false feeling of safety” inside their apartment.

With a wireless security system, you have the option of taking your security system with you when you are gone (or even sell it to the next renter if you’d like). Wireless systems don’t require extensive installations that traditional, wired security systems need, making the mobile — take them where you go.

The other myth of getting an apartment security system is that you need a landline phone line to do so. Fewer and fewer people have a landline phone system so most security system companies offer a wireless monitoring solution to cope with this. Wireless monitoring works the same way as traditional landline monitoring, with the exception that your system will alert the authorities via cellular connection. Also, many security companies offer no long term contracts on their monitoring services, so if you choose to move out of the area, you can be sure that you won’t be trapped by contract.

2. Keep Your Lights or TV On

By keeping your lights and TV on, you will give the impression that you are in your apartment. Common lights to keep on are you kitchen lights, so try not always keep these on as smarter criminals are keen to this practice. Try rotating between your kitchen, bedroom and living/dining room lights, along with your TV.

3. Take Extra Precautions Nearby Your Apartment

Extra care and awareness should be taken when you are going to use a general use apartment laundry room, taking out the trash and even walking to your car. These are susceptible times for yourself to become a victim of a crime because people are generally unaware of the potential danger. Take out the trash during daylight hours. Have your cellphone or self defense weapon on you while you’re doing laundry or walking to your car.

If you have an alarm system installed in your apartment, most security companies will offer a keychain remote that will not only allow you to arm/disarm your security system, but also trigger it (panic button) in case you are in danger around your apartment. At the very least you can set off a loud siren that could keep the criminals from committing a crime.

As always, if you are ever concerned over your security in your apartment complex, make sure your landlord or property management team is aware of it. Report any suspicious activity and people. If you feel like they haven’t — or won’t — help create a safe environment for you, contact an apartment security system specialist and they’ll be sure to assist in keeping you and your property safe.