Your Business Security System Evaluation Checklist

Business Security System Checklist

There are numerous factors that determine the type of security a business may need. Make sure to examine these key components of your business with your business security system company and, if possible, your architect (if you are in the planning and construction phase).

  • Square footage of the building
  • Location relative to other buildings/businesses/neighborhoods
  • Amount of windows/glass on the building
  • Number of entrances/exits or access points
  • Interior and exterior lighting (front door, parking lots, etc.)
  • Number of cash register/check-out/POS areas
  • On-location safe for money or valuables
  • Video surveillance or security camera needs
  • Business hours (Primarily night/day hours?)
  • Opening and closing protocols for employees (and security system training)
  • Days your business is not open (weekends?)
  • Building access to third parties vendors (cleaning services, contractors, etc.)
  • Turnover rate of your employees with security access to the building
  • Out-of-the-office or online remote monitoring requirements

Each one of these characteristics must be covered with your business security system company to determine the most effective ways to protect your business safe from criminals.