3 Things To Cover To Find The Best Home Alarm Monitoring Company

Alarm Monitoring

If you’re considering hiring a home security alarm monitoring company, make sure you consider the following 3 questions to weed out the best company to keep your family safe.

Continuous Protection

Will the agency monitor your home 24/7?  If not, move on to the next company.  The whole point of having a monitoring service is to keep you safe while you’re away (or at home sleeping, for that matter).  Kick that service provider to the curb.


What is the security experience of their staff?  Imagine if you have a serious alarm question (dead battery, alarm not going off, alarm going off too much) and the staff of your service provider is frantically looking through manuals to solve your issue.  Meanwhile, your property and family are left vulnerable while you wait for an answer.  Ask for certifications and referrals to ensure a proper track record of the company you choose.

Commitment and Cost

How long is the contract and what is cost of installation and monthly fee?  This is a serious consideration when selecting a company.  Keeping your family safe is invaluable, but shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg.  Ask if the installation is free or if there is an additional fee.  Don’t sign up for anything longer than you’re comfortable with.  Some services offer month-to-month, cancel anytime services, which is much more favorable for some families.

If you cover these 3 topics you’ll ensure that you’re selecting the best home alarm monitoring company that will provide you the best home security system, give you peace of mind, and save you money.