Keeping Your Home Secure – While You’re On the Beach!

Vacation Home Security

The minute you leave your house unattended (while on vacation or extended trips), your residence becomes a prime target for potential burglars. Does this mean you should never go on vacation? Absolutely not.  Home security systems are easier than you think. Here are some simple solutions that will allow you to hit the beach whenever you want- without the worry of theft.

Ask For Help

Asking your friends, family or neighbors to watch your house for you is always an option while you’re away. There are some things to consider though before doing so.
To make sure your OTHER neighbors don’t call the authorities on your designated house-watcher, make sure to inform them that you will be out of town and you’ll be having someone take care of your house.  That way, if your neighbors see an unfamiliar car or person near your house, they’ll know in advance that it’s safe.
Another thing to consider is your spare key.  DON’T hide it near your house for your house-watcher to pick up (under a rug, on top of the door sill, inside the “fake rock”, etc.).  Give it to them to keep and hold on to. That way, your key won’t be left for a potential burglar to find.
While having someone watching your house is nice, will they be watching it 24/7?  If not, you’ll be leaving your house vulnerable during the times it’s not being watched.

Social Media Silence

How many people do you have following you on Twitter?  How many friends do you have on Facebook?  Do you know all of them personally?  If not, DON’T blast out messages that you’ll be on vacation.  Someone may be watching your account to gather information on when you’ll be out of town.  If you do want to mention you’ll be on vacation, DON’T mention the dates you’ll be gone – this will at least keep potential robbers guessing on when you’ll be out of town.

Check Your Home Security System

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is keeping your electronic home security system up-to-date and tested.  These systems typically have standard testing procedures that a home security professional from the best home security companies can help you out with.
If you have wireless door and window sensors, motion detectors and glass break sensors integrated into your security system, you drastically increase the likelihood of deterring potential robbers as these sensors are specially designed to detect any form unwanted entry from potential thieves.
Arming your electronic alarm system is very important as your house can be monitored for break-ins 24/7 by a trusted alarm monitoring service who will alert the local authorities if a burglar tries to enter your house. Home security camera systems can also be used for viewing your property in real time.
By applying these simple security tips, you can have peace of mind that your home will be safe; no matter what part of the world you’re in.