[INFOGRAPHIC] Majority of Robbers Use Facebook, Google Street View In Planning A Burglary

We can’t emphasize it enough: keep quiet about when you leave the house, whether it’s a vacation or going to the grocery store. A little over a year ago, three robbers in New Hampshire used Facebook to learn when people were not home and ended up stealing almost $200,000 worth of goods.

Think this was a one-time occurrence? Think again.

In a report posted last year by Credit Sesame, 80% of the 50 ex-burglars they interviewed used Facebook, Twitter, Google Street View and Foursquare to plan their robberies.

Social Media Safety Infographic Provided By CreditSesame.com
Social Media Infographic Provided by CreditSesame.com

A few quick points about the graphic:

  • 78% of robbers admitted that home security systems made them think twice about the robbery
  • 74% of robbers used Google Street View to view a potential property so they didn’t have to do a drive by
  • Day robberies outnumbered night robberies 2:1, or doubled night robberies

So, the more of the story is: don’t compromise your home’s security by letting everyone know where you are — someone may be watching.