How LED Lighting Makes Your Security Cameras More Effective AND Saves You Money

Photographers often say “lighting is everything”.

You can have the most expensive cameras, lens’ and photo editing software, but if you don’t have quality lighting, you’re still going to get low quality results.

Does this saying apply to your home or business security camera system?

Now, thanks to some great advancements in security cameras in recent years (specifically the cameras we, at Charleston Security Systems, use) you may get away with low quality lighting and still identify criminals on camera.

But wouldn’t you want to maximize the effectiveness of your security cameras? Wouldn’t you hate knowing that the difference between identifying a criminal on camera and not catching them could potentially be boiled down to bad lighting at your business or home?

The answer (quite literally) is clear.

Not only do LED lights provide a “whiter” light that provide better contrast (which leads to better identification of objects and faces) but they also last longer AND they use less energy than traditional lighting.

What does that mean for you? Well, that means with an LED lighting system, you’ll be spending less money on replacing bulbs on your property AND you could be spending up to 80% LESS ON YOUR ENERGY BILL.

Oh yeah, AND you’ll be increasing the likelihood of catching any criminals on your property because of the clearer pictures you’ll capture with your security cameras.

So, in short, you’ll reduce lighting costs AND maximize the effectiveness of your security camera system by installing an LED lighting system.

Lighting may not be “everything” in home and business security as it is in photography, but it definitely plays a significant role in identifying criminals on camera (and keeps more money in your wallet!).