It’s Turkey Month! Prepping Your Home’s Security for Thanksgiving

So what’s on your Thanksgiving meal menu this year? A traditional feast or maybe trying a new recipe you read about online? Here at Charleston Security Systems, we prefer a traditional feast of home and business security reminders for the upcoming holiday. Just remember this acronym: T-U-R-K-E-Y.

T: Turn On Your Alarm

It’s something we remind our clients every time we install a new security system: your security system won’t protect you if you don’t turn it on! For many people it may be the unfamiliarity with the technology or fear of accidentally setting off the alarm. Whatever the reason may be, we’re always there to help you, should you need help – our customer service is second to none.

U: Use Common Sense

As always, your common sense is always there to protect you. Don’t let anyone know your security codes or passwords. Keep small children from playing with your security equipment they can reach. These simple common sense actions will keep your home’s security that much more safe.

R: Remind Everyone About the Security System

Having a lot of company over for Thanksgiving? Make sure they’re aware of your security system – especially for family staying the night. If you have motion detectors, be sure to let your loved ones know not to pass those areas (or zones, as we would say). Also, ensure that both the doors and windows with sensors on them stay closed while the alarm is on.

K: Keys: Don’t Forget Your First Line of Security

Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. Having state-of-the-art security technology that isn’t backed by the fundamentals (locking your doors and windows, blocking the track on your sliding doors, keeping your secret key a secret, etc.), is a bit like Thanksgiving without a turkey. It may look great and get the job done, but they’ll always be something not quite right about the meal that leaves you feeling empty.

E: Equip: Don’t Have a Security System? Time to Get One!

This one explains itself – you’ll be glad (and rest easier after the feast) you did! Give us a call or email us to get a free home security evaluation. We’ll let you know what you’ll need to keep everyone safe in your home.

Y: “Yum”: Don’t Forget To Say This After You Eat!

We at Charleston Security Systems want to wish you and your family a wonderful – and safe – Thanksgiving this year!