When It Comes To Home Security Products, Look For Track Record First

With technology changing every day and new home security products springing up in the market, it can be a challenge for several homeowners in Charleston and the Lowcountry to determine the best alarm system to protect their families.

So how does one determine what kind of security equipment they should install in their homes? Two words:

Track record.

Tried, Tested & Approved

When reviewing different types of home security systems, remember the first requirement for every security system is reliability. Essentially, will it work when it matters most? How can you determine this?

Track record.

Ask your home security company about the systems you’re looking at and what their experience is with them. Odds are they’ll be able to tell you what has worked best for your area and what hasn’t.

“Newer” Does Not Imply “Better”

There are a lot of great, innovative new home security products hitting the market in 2015, all with fantastic new features that enhance and, at times, simplify your home security experience.

But how reliable are they? Do they consistently perform the core functions of a security system? If something breaks or does not work, where will you find support for your product?

This is the double-edged sword of newer technology: occasionally these products are rushed to market without much testing so there could be little to no support in case of an emergency.

Find A Balance

Here at Charleston Security Systems, we pride ourselves on finding a balance between security systems that are proven, field-tested and reliable, with newer, innovative products that haven’t been tested as thoroughly in the field. We’re constantly searching for the best new products for our clients that will be as reliable as our current canon of security system equipment and offer them when we know they’ll be right for you.

So when it comes time to select the best home security for your home, remember to first look for systems that have consistently performed when needed, because once you have reliability, everything else is just icing on the cake.

Dean Rommes
Dean Rommes

Dean Rommes is the founder and owner of Charleston Security Systems. He has been working in the home and business security industry for over 18 years and specializes in video surveillance technology and cutting edge alarm monitoring services. Dean is a security fanatic and prides himself on giving his clients personalized service any time they need it.